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Special Laminating Film


The thermal hologram BOPP film provide high security at low cost. This film come in a variety of finishes, sizes, and shapes for laminating products making them unique for your application. Lamichina supplies and manufactures the following types of thermal hologram BOPP film.

Standard Hologram Film

Personalized Hologram Film

Customized Hologram Film​

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

The thermal metallized BOPP films are developed for more valuable printing finish. We can supply various colors like – Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Black, etc, and we can apply for more specific colors by customers’ request.



Applicable to over-coating or printing after the lamination

Superior tensile strength and chemical resistance

Low melting temperature and low level pressure

Strong adhesive after lamination

Metallizing or printed colors will not easily come off

No wrinkle and curl during the lamination progress


Technical Specifications:

Item M-24G M-38G
Film type Gloss Gloss
Thickness (micron) Total 24 38
OPP 12 12
EVA 12 26
Lamination temperature From 100 to 130℃
Average Grammage ㎡/kg 35.46 24.18
Yield ㎏/㎡ 0.0282 0.0414