The SH-620 One-Sided Commercial Laminator is a table-top model consisting of three integrated components- laminator, semi-automatic feeder, and separator. Together this unit provides a cost-effective and time-saving solution for on demand applications. It is designed for mid-range to large commercial printers, photo specialty, direct mail, and on-demand self publishers.

Stationary unwind shaft eases film loading
Adjustable core adapters allow for various film widths
Lift-and-lock idler bar simplifies film threading
Infrared quartz heater provides fast warm up
Large heating roller provides even heat and pressure
Integrated 3-part sheet burster automatically and reliably separates sheets
Adjustable decurling device with cooling blowers ensures flat sheets
Adjustable bursting pressure control
Job sheet counter tracks usage
Pneumatic System provides accurate Overlapping, nip pressure and bursting
In-line film slitter and perforator allows film for any sheet size; rewind takes up excess film

Technical specifications
Max. Laminating Speed: 12 m/min
Laminating Width: 620mm
Max Nip Opening: 10mm
Max Working Temperature: 160℃
Warm Up Time: About 15 minutes
Laminating Films: BOPP
Type of paper: 120—350 gsm
Control System: Infrared temperature sensor and 8-bit CPU control
Heating System: Hot Roller Infrared Heater
Cooling system: High speed cooling fans
Roller lift-up system: Pneumatic
Pneumatic Working Pressure: 0.6 MPa
Power Requirements: AC220V-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 2700W, 13A
Dimensions(LXWXH): 1420 (L) x 963 (W) x 1470(H) mm (with stand)
Machine weight: 210 kgs​