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NITTO LM-220P Plastic case


The TROUBLE-FREE machine!
With the combination of adjustable Temperature Control and a Reverse Button, this type of low cost plastic case pouch laminator is ideal for home and office use, it can produce professional laminating results.

2 Rollers machine
Adjustable Temperature Control
Laminates both Hot and Cold
Power and Ready Light Indicator
Simple Push Button Operation
Reverse Button to prevent jams
Overheat protecting system
CE approved

Technical specifications
Laminating Speed: 300 mm / min
Max. Laminating Width: 220mm
Laminating Thickness: Up to 0.6 mm
Laminating film: Up to 175 microns (7 mil)
Control system: Electronic circuit (PCB) & Gradual Temperature control
Laminating Temperature: 70-120 ℃
Warm up time: About 4 minutes
Power supply: AC 100V, 110V, 200-240V; 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 300W
Dimensions (mm): 390x150x105mm
Machine weight: 2.7kg