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Laminating pouch film


It is constructed from PET+EVA which can laminate at low temperature. The film thickness varies from 32mic to 250mic. Pouch films and roll films are all available in all sizes and specifications. With special coating technology, our films are anti-static and have passed RoHS and REACH.

Available sizes range from ID (54x86mm) to A1 (625x900mm), in thickness up to 250micron.

 1.     General purpose pouch film

Gloss pouch film: Most common film in lamination.

Matt pouch film: Matt surface eliminate glare, or accept

printing or writing on one side or two sides matt finishing are available.

 2.     Special purpose pouch film

UV pouch film: Film with UV inhibitor is to prevent the color in the laminated material from fading under the sunlight.

Sticky-back film: Pouch film with self-adhesive back.

Color printing film: Printing color designs on the film.

Color film: One side of the pouch film is colored. (Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green or Silver)

Pre-punched pouch film: Used for ID card, luggage tag or book binding