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Electric trimmer


Designed for the single sheet use and operator comfort, these electric trimmers come complete with floor stand, waste catcher and under mounted fluorescent lamp for illuminating the cutting edge. Bi directional cut is easily activated by depressing either the foot pedal or the switch bar which runs the length of the trimmer. The trimmer head cuts in both directions at 2m per minute, it is protected by a transparent safety shield.

Available in 100cm, 130cm, 160cm, 200cm, 250cm cutting widths.

Key Features:

◎ Self-sharpening HSS cutting wheel

◎ Linear bearing and axis provide smooth movements

◎ Trimmer heads protected by a safety shield.

◎ Transparent clamp strip holds material firmly

◎ The LED lamp illumination provide a safe and bright work area.

◎ Operate either the foot pedal or the switch bar

◎ Clean cut on a wide variety of materials.

◎ Supplied with stand and convenient waste catcher.

Technical specifications:

Model ET-100 ET-130 ET-160 ET-200 ET-250
Max cutting thickness 0.8 mm 0.8 mm 0.8 mm 0.8 mm 0.8 mm
Max cutting length 1000mm 1300mm 1600mm 2000mm 2500mm
Cutting speed 2m/second 2m/second 2m/second 2m/second 2m/second
Voltage 110V/220V 110V/220V 110V/220V 110V/220V 110V/220V
Machine stand Included Included Included Included Included