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This machine has automatic paper feed system which allows the operator to stack and go. Simply adjust the feeding speed allowing for either over lap for single sided laminating or gap for double sided laminating. Optional automatic trimmer or separating system will set up a fully automatic laminating system. It is ideal for school, printer, office or professional use

Automatic paper feeding
Both single-sided and double-sided lamination
Perforating system for single sided bursting
Can feed different paper thickness from 120gsm to 300gsm
Decurl bar to eliminate curling
No paper, automatic stopping
Safety cover with in-built sensor to protect operator
Build in base and machine stand
Optional slitting system to cut extra film

Technical Specifications
Max. Laminating width: 330mm / 450mm
Max. laminating speed: 1.6m / min, 9 levels
Max. paper feeding width: 325mm / 450mm
Paper thickness: 120gsm to 300gsm
Max. paper stacking thickness: 20mm
Max. laminating thickness: 7mm
Max. working temperature: 140 ℃
Control system: 8-bit micro processor control system
Power supply: AC 100V, 110V, 200-240V; 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 800W / 1000W
Dimensions (mm): 1050x685x650mm / 1170x685x650mm
Machine weight: 56kg / 70kg